5 Dos and Don'ts of Wearing a Hair Accessory on Your Wedding Day

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Ellee Couture Boutique ensures to fulfil your dream of having a fairytale attire on your wedding day and make you look the best when you walk down the aisle. When it comes to your big day, every detail, from your jewelry to your wedding hair accessories, matters. Bridal hair accessories add the finishing touch to your bridal look and can take it to a whole new level if chosen well.

The Charm of Wedding Hair Accessories!

Hair accessories are the perfect wedding adornments to increase the charm of your hairstyle, your outfit, and in fact, of the whole bridal look. A statement piece embellished with Swarovski crystals can add and game up your style and beauty on the big day! 

With a sea of advice, available to you might make you feel overwhelmed about which one to follow and may put your bridal game at risk. So, we thought of coming to your rescue and sharing with you some helpful rules that you should remember while styling your bridal jewelry like jewelry sets and other accessories for the big day. 

Do: Try-out your bridal hair accessories!

You can put your big moment at risk if you think that everything will turn out to be great on the spot without trying and testing. A wedding hair trial is as important as a wedding dress trial. 

The trial will give you an idea of whether you can carry it or not. Do you feel like adjusting it now and then? Is it staying at its place? Is it heavy? And if there is any problem, you will have the time to tweak and select alternate options that can make your hair look flawless from the start to the end of your special day.

Don’t: Experiment on your Wedding day!

If you are a choosy bride, then do not experiment with your look by styling some unusual hair accessories. Accessorize your hairstyle with something in which you feel confident and glorious. 

Don’t switch your choice and feel like trying something new on your wedding day. If you can carry a bold & confident look every day, you should definitely go for some large and quirky statement piece. But if your style is chic and minimal, an understated wedding hair accessory with Swarovski crystals will add a touch of magic to your look. 

Do: Coordinate with your overall look!

Wedding hair accessories should match your dress and jewelry finishes and not be highlighted as something different from your attire.

For instance, if you are wearing a golden hair crown embellished with Swarovski crystals, along with it, pearl jewelry will not work. But, a similar golden crystallized jewelry will add to the overall look. So, try keeping all your wedding assortments in one style & taste so that every item complements each other and creates magic when worn together.

Don’t: Mess it up! 

Once your hair is all set, with your hair accessory placed perfectly and exactly where it should be. Do not touch or tweak your hairstyle after you are completely ready. The whole hairstyle revolves around your wedding accessories, and pulling or adjusting your hair accessory can mess your entire wedding hairstyle and make it look fussy. 

Do: Remember that less is more! 

For a classic themed wedding, a minimal hairstyle with some floating hair accessories will do great. You can go for some traditional and sober pieces and hunt for some classic and eccentric detailed pieces for your hairstyle that will be striking from far away. Avoid overdoing and stuffing to the overall look.

Ellee Couture Boutiques Accentuating Wedding Hair Accessories!  

These rules will be of great help for your wedding day. Not only this, but Ellee Couture Boutique offers a vast collection of wedding adornments. 

You can embrace your wedding day look with Ellee Couture Boutique’s statement hair accessories for brides. Every hair accessory is a combination of style and luxury that will enhance the overall wedding attire. Get it all from bold to minimal handcrafted bridal accessories at Ellee Couture Boutique!

Get it all from bold to minimal handcrafted bridal accessories at Ellee Couture Boutique!