5 Perfect Bridal Hair Accessories for a Vintage Bride

Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal hair accessories are an imperative part of your wedding ensemble. These not only enhance your hairstyle but truly tie your entire bridal look together. There are multiple styles of bridal hair accessories available, but certain styles are better suited to match your vintage vibe. So, we have listed some of our favorite bridal hair accessories for a vintage bride.

Vintage Bridal Hair Accessories


Wish to have a wedding look that bespoke royalty right from afar while you walk down the aisle? No other bridal hair accessory other than a crown exhibits such a magical power. Crowns are classic, timeless, and most preferred vintage bridal accessories due to their sheer beauty.

It is suggested to go for a sleek updo or braid for showcasing the stunning piece. You can even style it along with the wreath and veil. Every wedding crown would instantly elevate your bridal look and add sparkle to even a simple wedding dress. Be it a floral crown with fine details or a statement piece embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Hair Vines

Want a subtle yet elegant accessory to style your hair on your wedding day? Hair vines are the simplest and versatile of all bridal hair accessories. These are gorgeous and long vines decorated with Swarovski crystals, pearls or cubic zirconia beautifully arranged  with flowers, leaves or petals.

Hair vines come in various lengths, colors, styles, and designs and can be worn in multiple ways. Wear it across the forehead, let it hang with loose hair, or tie it with an updo. These delicate and utterly charming vintage bridal hair accessories would add natural beauty to your bridal ensemble. 


Hair combs are the popular vintage bridal hair accessories that would not steal the charm of your wedding dress but enhance it. Hair combs are intricately designed hair accessories with narrow teeth through which they are fixed into the hair. The exposed portion of the comb is decorated with floral details or sparkling gemstones. 

These are elegant pieces that come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can wear a large comb as a single statement piece or pair a small hair comb with the wedding veil for a more detailed wedding look.


Accent your wedding look with a gorgeous tiara that oozes opulence and glamour. Due to elegance and sophistication, tiaras have always been a part of weddings. There is a tiara to match every bridal look, from a vintage bride to a modern chic bride.

With a tiara as your bridal hair accessory, you need not invest much time thinking about your hairstyle for the wedding. Be it a high updo, half updo, or all down hairstyle; tiaras perfectly suit every wedding hairstyle. You can even pair the tiara with a veil for your vintage bridal look.


Not just for some occasions, but headbands are considered the most glamorous vintage bridal hair accessory to accent the look on your wedding day. Whether you decide to style an updo with an off-shoulder wedding dress or keep your hair all down with a high neck wedding gown, a headband would suit every hairstyle and dress style.

Headbands are available in numerous styles, be it a simple pearl band, headband with antique silver and gold features, or a band embellished with Swarovski crystals. You are sure to get a vintage bridal headband matching your wedding gown.

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