Cut Cost From Your Wedding Budget With a diy bridal hairpiece

Hello, Soon-to-be Bridey! Your love season is about to start, but pre-wedding preparations will have blown your mind, whether it is a selection of prepossessing dresses, a dream location, choosing dazzling accessories, or pairing up yourself with them!

But at the same time, economizing would be your major concern! So, we have important tips for headpieces and various hairdo options that will save you hundreds.

Stay up till the end of the blog to save more from your wedding budget!

Why choose a DIY bridal headpiece?

Planning a Big-Day requires working your fingers to the bone! But still, you might miss out on various things and regret them later.

And jewels and accessories are one of them as they demand extending your budget. But don't dwell on it, as you can opt for a DIY headpiece for the wedding! As this is cost-saving and offers the flexibility to do it your way.

DIY Bridal Headpieces: The Best Way To Express Love

This is the best time to express your love with a DIY headpiece for the wedding! Making your headpiece could be a little nerve-wracking but more fun and memorable.

You can choose from wide options like making your sparkly tiara for your princess-inspired dress, a mixed floral headdress for your flowerful gown, a feather-look headband if following a flapper style, or the evergreen pearl beaded hairpiece that will outshow your dress more perfectly and themed.

For all of our budget-conscious brides, DIY is the best option as it will allow you to concentrate, make plans, use your hands to create, and experience the empowering sensation of doing something on your own for your favourite day.

Also, making a bridal headpiece will require no tailoring in your budget, with the plus point of saving!

Important Tips For Headpieces:

  1. Make the place safe and clean for crafting your hair accessories
  2. Get a checklist ready for all the materials to save time
  3. Keep additional items in case of a mishap
  4. Be handy with the things, to sum up easily

A Guide To Making Bridal Headpieces:

 Materials Required To Create DIY Headpiece For A Wedding:

  1. Beaded embellishment or any other small decorative piece you would like to convert into a headband
  2. A ribbon for a firm grip on materials
  3. Tulle to add the best to your headband
  4. Glue gun for quick fixing
  5. Scissors

Process To Be Followed While Making Bridal Headpiece:

  1. Cut several leaf-shaped pieces from the ribbon and tulle.
  2. Glue them onto the back of your beaded embellishment until you have reached your desired look.
  3. Cut approximately 1 yard of tulle, and if you would like a thinner headband, cut it width-wise so it is only about 1 inch wide.
  4. Glue this onto the back of the headpiece. To secure, place the headband on top of your head and tie the two pieces of tulle together.

Good luck, lovely brides!

In case this DIY seems challenging, or you are in a rush for your wedding bells, we understand!

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