Extraordinary Ideas For Halloween Bridal Look

Halloween Bridal Look


Is it getting hard to decide on the bridal look for your Halloween wedding theme? Don’t worry. We at Ellee Couture can help you create an eerily elegant wedding look for your spooky Halloween wedding celebration.

Here are some amazing Halloween Bridal look ideas for you.

Halloween Bridal Look Ideas

Halloween Costume Idea for Bride and Groom

The costume of both bride and groom can make or break the entire Halloween wedding look. The dress-up ideas for a bride-to-be are endless. From a Victorian-style gown to a steampunk dress, you can choose the dress style of your choice for the Halloween-themed wedding. Layers of tulle, birdcage veil, vintage lace, unique beading make for an unexpected modern yet romantic Halloween look.

When it comes to color, go for a striking black dress. But if black doesn't go with your taste, go for dark hues like burgundy, brown, red, and deep plum to create beautiful drama while you walk down the aisle.

A complete black look is considered a classic costume option for the Halloween groom. You can spruce up by adding colored shoes, ties, or dried flower boutonniere.

Dark and Dramatic Makeup 

Go for bold and edgy makeup like smokey, multi-toned eyes and dark lips matching your bridal costume to rock the Halloween wedding look. Also, add some sparkle on the cheek under the eyes for an added gothic touch.

Halloween Hairstyle

Braided hair with rosettes is an elegant spooky hairstyle option with your Halloween bride costume. An updo hairstyle or voluminous curls are also a bold hairstyle option for bridal attire.

Spruce Up Your Look With Edgy Accessories

Enhance your hairstyle with edgy, crystal-embellished accessories like crowns, headbands, hair vines, and tiaras.

Dress up Your Nails

Go for a spooky, ghoulish nail art design matching your bridal costume for the Halloween wedding.

Wear Decorated Shoes

Want to go all out for your Halloween wedding look? Give your bridal ensemble an extra edge with Halloween-themed decorated shoes.

Bold And Elegant Hair Accessories At Ellee Couture Boutique!

Bridal hair accessories like headbands can completely set apart your Halloween-themed wedding look. At Ellee Couture, we have a wide selection of alluring pearl and Swarovski crystal-embellished hair accessories that would make a perfect Halloween bridal look statement.