Find a Perfect Wedding Crown For Bride that Adds a Pop of Pretty Color

Perfect Wedding Crown

Nowadays, crowns have become a popular wedding accessory. And if you're a lover of sparkle and shine, crowns are perfect for styling your wedding outfit and making you feel like the queen that you already are.

Every bride at the end gets amazed by how these wedding crowns add elegance    of pretty color to everything, not comparing the colors with the multiple colors but how it enhances the overall ensemble with a bit of drama and opulence.

For choosing the perfect wedding crown for your special day, we at Ellee Couture Boutique have listed some easy-to-remember tips that might be helpful for you before making the selection.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Crown

Choose The Right Size

Wedding crowns are available in multiple sizes, do not go for something too big that becomes difficult to handle or too small that seems tiny or gets neglected when added to your hairstyle.

Ensure choosing the perfect size of the wedding crown, the one that you feel comfortable in, and that accents your overall bridal ensemble instead of stealing all the limelight from you.

You Can Style Both - Veil And Crown

If you wonder that a veil and a crown both cannot be styled together, you're mistaken. It is possible to style both veil and crown together and trust us when we say that it would look gorgeous. You can pin the veil behind the crown or style in numerous other ways, depending upon the veil size.

Take A Trial

Before choosing your perfect crown, make sure to go for a trial run. See what type of hairstyle will suit you the most, all up, all down, or half up, half down. After styling, see if there is a need to make some tweaks in the hairstyle or not. Is it elevating your face shape, complexion, and your dress?

Trying the hairstyle before would give you a clear picture of how it will look on the wedding day and save you from the last-minute chaos.

Once you are clear in your head regarding the type and style, you will be surprised to know that from modern to regal, there are endless options to choose from. Let's know what these are:

Types of Wedding Crowns

The Showstopper

What do you imagine when we say the showstopper crowns? The crowns in pale golden or silver hues with Swarovski crystals' intricate details are both graceful and bold.

You can style these with hair up or loose waves and pair them with pearl or bridal earrings for the ultimate look. When you walk down the aisle, these crowns would strike and shine from afar, just like a showstopper!

Modern Royalty

If you want to reminisce about the antique fashion style on your wedding day, these regal pieces with utmost sophistication and style are the ones you should go for.

Along with the crown, a dramatic cathedral veil would add a touch of royal romance and old-warm charm to the whole ensemble. The crowns have soft ivory tones with a distinctive arrangement of crystals, perfect for a traditional and modern wedding theme.

Bohemian Bling

Not just crystals but also the botanical details make these crowns a choice of free-spirited, bohemian brides. If you are one amongst them, you would love the combination of flowers and crystals in these types of crowns. The flowery details make it utterly romantic, unique, and perfect for styling loose long hair.

Minimalistic yet Glamorous

On the wedding day, whether your hairstyle is all up or all down, outfit with or without veil, minimalist crowns go along with the range of hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. So which bride will not like to go with these? These have perfect whimsical detailing in balanced hues, making it a simplistic as well as a glamorous addition to the bridal attire.

Perfect Wedding Crowns at Ellee Couture Boutique!

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