Glam Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara

Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara

Tiaras for weddings are a classic choice of brides when considering hair accessories for the wedding. This beautiful and simple hair accessory spices up the entire wedding ensemble. 

When deciding the hairstyle to wear with a tiara, from heavy curls to simple bun, hairstyle options are endless. To assist you with the preparations of your wedding day, we have listed some pretty simple yet amazing hairstyles to wear with a tiara on your wedding day.

Wedding Tiara Hairstyles

Voluminous Curls

If you wish to have a lively yet tender wedding look, voluminous curls are a perfect hairstyle choice. Styling this open hairstyle with an exquisite tiara would only take a few minutes. Still, it would majorly enhance the richness of hair and the wedding dress for the whole day! 

Textured High Updo

A little addition in the voluminous curls would turn a simple hairstyle into an oh so gorgeous wedding tiara hairstyle. Once the curls are created, gather and pin them into a high updo. Leave some hair locks in front to frame your face, and decorate with a stunning tiara of your choice.

Loose Braided Tiara Hairstyle

Cascading your hair into a braid on your wedding day is a light and unique hairstyle to wear with a tiara. Be it a floral tiara or be the tiara embellished with Swarovski crystals, every tiara would set the right accent to the hairstyle. The tousled appearance of the braid exhibits sheer beauty. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this tiara hairstyle is suitable for every hair texture.

Breezy Smooth Waves

Pull an effortlessly gracious wedding look with ethereal breezy waves styled with queenly tiara and win all the hearts. This tiara hairstyle is one of the simple yet beautiful options for a bride with any hair length, be it short, long, or medium.

Half updo

Half-updo is a popular and classic tiara hairstyle for the bride with medium and long hair. The upper section of the hair is puffed while the rest is left loose. You can even softly curl the remaining section. Once done, add a stunning tiara above the upper section. This wedding hairstyle with tiara is a showstopper that would surely match your wedding ensemble.

Loose Low Chignon

Your wedding look can never go wrong with a low bun, especially when styled with an accentuating tiara. This modish wedding tiara hairstyle oozes class, simplicity, elegance like no other. The tiara hairstyle adds a dash of old warm charm to an off-shoulder wedding dress.

Braided Updo

Suppose you do not wish to handle the complications of an open hairstyle with a tiara but do not want to compromise your wedding look with styling a simple hairstyle either. In that case, this extremely beautiful braided updo tiara hairstyle is an ideal choice for you. It would look like you have put so much effort into the hairstyle, but the reality is truly the opposite. You have to put your hair into a low braided style and round it into a bun. This wedding hairstyle with a tiara is bound to amaze everyone and steal the show.

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