How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry that Aligns your Dress

Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Once the wedding dress is selected, what item comes next? Wedding jewelry. Choosing from a sea of jewelry options could confuse you and result in making the wrong choice. Either it would overdo or understate the dress, nothing in between.

To guide you with not doing so, we at Ellee Couture Boutique have listed some ideas that would help you pick the perfect wedding jewelry according to the wedding dress.

Dress Color

The color of your wedding dress matters when selecting wedding jewelry. It should perfectly match the color hues of the dress so that the whole ensemble oozes simplicity and elegance. Although, white is the most preferred color of the brides for their wedding. But the subtle variations in the white hues could make you select the wrong metal color of the jewelry.

Bright White

When wearing a bright white dress at the wedding, white gold jewelry with platinum or rhodium plating and pearl embellished jewelry would look absolutely stunning. It is advisable to avoid pairing the jewelry in a golden tone with the bright white colored dress.


The champagne-colored wedding dress emanates golden and yellowish tones, basically off-white color. You can pick the jewelry in any tone but prefer choosing a classic yellow tone because that would uniquely complement the warm tones of the dress.


Ivory-colored wedding dresses could be paired with multiple tints and tones because of the softness and neutrality hues it exhibits. You can even go for colored jewels, but gold jewelry will be like a cherry on top. It would enhance the creamy shades of the dress and make the whole ensemble extremely attractive and dreamy.


Nothing but only rose gold metal will best suit the blush pink wedding dresses. When styled, your whole ensemble would shine with romanticism and love.

The neckline of the dress

Apart from the color scheme, there is a myriad of variants in a dress style. And for picking the perfect wedding jewelry, the variant to be considered is the neckline of the dress.

Sweetheart or Strapless Neckline

These are the classic and popular necklines of all times. Choose a sleek choker or a short statement necklace along with a pair of dainty studs or pearl earrings. You could even skip on the necklace and wear a pair of large chandelier earrings for a ravishing, dazzling wedding look.

Apart from earrings and necklaces, consider accessorizing a small bracelet or bangle and a cocktail ring for balancing everything out.


Add a simple, classic pendant necklace with a gemstone or delicate layered pieces for showcasing this beautiful neckline, as other necklace options would distract and take away the whole charm.

For a touch of sparkle, some small, dangling earrings will be the way to go.

Halter Neck

Wearing a necklace with a halter neck neckline won’t be possible. Instead, dress up with a pair of large statement earrings and a small pearl or diamond bracelet for extra bling.

Also, focus on accessorizing your hair with gorgeous headpieces and an embellished birdcage veil.


Do not overdo. A statement bracelet or a pair of glamorous earrings would be sufficient and perfect for this type of neck.

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