What And When To Wear: A Tiara Vs. Headband

Brides have different choices from a variety of hair accessories that complement their bridal look. Elegant tiaras have always been in fashion, but classic headbands are also getting in trend.

Brides picture their wedding almost the whole of their life and also imagine their look in every possible combination of jewelry, accessories, dress, and theme. Brides decide to wear a tiara or headband according to the bridal look they imagined all this time.

Tiara vs. Headband - What suits the image you have in mind?

A tiara would be the perfect option if you imagined a fairytale or a princess look for your wedding. A tiara sets the gorgeous look for you to feel attractive.

A headband does that too, but it goes better with simplistic hairstyles. It sits better on either side for a more elegant and elevated look. Though you can wear it in the center, it will only make you look like schooldays again, something you won't want on your wedding day.

How to Choose Headband or Tiara?

For brides, many ideas are available online on what to choose as a perfect hair accessory that matches their bridal look.

Tiara Ideas

Raquel, Renee, and Aurora are attractive tiara designs available online at Ellee Couture Boutique that complement your dress to look graceful. The designs are made with Swarovski Crystals (crafted with sand, minerals, and quartz), Cubic Zirconia (an alternative for diamond, with the same diamond's characteristics), and Rhodium Plating and Pearl.

Headband Ideas

Headbands crafted in stunning designs with Swarovski Crystals (crafted with sand, minerals, and quartz) strike a perfect bridal look for brides. These bridal headbands are multipurpose, suitable for all hairstyles, and perfect for any face pattern. Exclusively available online at Ellee Couture Boutique.

Tips on Headbands

Shimmery Look

With headbands, you can effortlessly add the shimmery (bling) look you desire for your wedding cocktail party.

Comfortable Look

Do you prefer to keep your hair away from your face to feel comfortable on the day of your wedding? Then, a headband is the perfect choice for you.

Free Hairstyle Look

Willing to leave your hair open or half tied on the day of your wedding? For that, a headband is an amazing choice for you.

Tips on Tiaras

Elegant yet Simple Look                                                        

When brides want to minimize their look, opting for a unique and elegant tiara is an easy choice to grab the guests' attention on the bride's entire look.

Prewedding Festivity Look

Prewedding festivities can be simple or have several small and big activities. Tiaras are small and hence show the perfect festivity spirit by still keeping it down for the actual event.

Princess Look

If brides wear a veil on their wedding day, a tiara ensures a classic look for them.

Conclusion: Go with the comfort!

Whether you choose a Tiara or a Headband, ensure that it makes you feel comfortable. Either accessory is not too tight or heavy and perfectly fits your head's shape. Remember that you will wear the hair accessory all day performing your wedding rituals, and you must look relaxed and happy. So, choose accordingly.