Which Is More Elegant a Tiara or a Wedding Crown for a Bride


Every girl dreams of looking like a princess and spreading glitters and sparkles all around on her wedding day. She wishes to shine among the rest by wearing a dress with fine details, twirling her hair into an all down or all up hairstyle, and adding a magnificent wedding headpiece to it, which is nothing but icing on the cake. 

What Should You Go for?

While choosing the hair accessory for your wedding, the dilemma comes when you cannot choose between the wedding crown for bride or a bridal tiara. Both of them, intricated with Swarovski crystals and gemstones, embrace every wedding dress and perfectly frame your face shape. The crown, as well as tiara, suits almost every wedding dress and hairstyle. Know more about each of them and then decide which one to choose. 

The Quintessential Wedding Crowns for the Bride

Crowns are usually taller and larger, often more colorful and ostentatious. There is a wedding crown headpiece to suit every bride, from a showstopper piece to an understated glamorous piece. It can elevate your bridal look and add a magnetic touch to even the simplistic dress or bridal hairstyle. 

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How to choose a perfect wedding crown?

There are few things to think about before deciding to wear a crown, such as the design of your wedding dress, the venue, and the theme of the wedding. If having a low-key wedding, then a crown may look a little over the top. But for a beautiful formal wedding, a crown is a perfect touch. 

Take a look at your wedding dress, if your dress reflects understated elegance, then a more detailed crown will work the best, but if the dress is intricate and a showstopper piece on its own, then a minimal crown is best for you. 

The Timeless Appeal of Wedding Tiaras

Tiaras are the prestigious oldest known head adornment for women. These became the status symbol and were worn by ladies of noble and royal classes. These are made with precious metals and gemstones that have a mystique and romantic charm that makes you fall in love with them. 

Will tiara suit your wedding style?

A tiara is not tacky but an elegant hair accessory for your bridal attire. You need to consider several factors while choosing your wedding tiara, such as how formal your wedding and overall style is going to be? A traditional tiara will be over the top and out of the place if worn on a casual dress. But if you are someone who doesn't like wearing a lot of jewelry, a large tiara may not complement your look.

Many tiaras are made with embellishments to suit modern brides and give them a chic look. You can accentuate your wedding hairstyles by wearing a tiara. They come in a variety of styles, there exists a tiara to suit every bride’s choice, be it minimalist or maximalist. An ideal tiara will be a stunning addition to any bride’s look.

Bring out Your & Wedding Dress Beauty!

A wedding crown and tiara are perfect opulent pieces that depict confidence and beauty. You can choose in between a tiara or a crown by keeping in mind your wedding day hairstyle, dress or makeup. Both wedding crowns and tiaras add to your style like nothing else.

You can walk gracefully down the aisle with designer crowns & tiaras embellished with Swarovski crystals that make it just magical and worth it. You can choose the crystals on your own that suit your gown as there are no specific rules about what gems or materials crowns and tiaras should include.

Ellee Couture Boutique’s Wedding Crowns & Tiaras for Brides 

Ellee Couture’s selection of headpieces adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the brides on their wedding day. Each of the wedding crowns and tiaras is handcrafted with love and the finest materials of pearls & crystals as a work of art. You can customize & wear each of them whether it is a huge wedding or an intimate micro-wedding with your family and friends. All you have to do is wear your crown with an air of confidence and enjoy feeling like a princess on your wedding day.