White V/S Ivory: What's the Difference and Which Dress Should You Choose

Difference and Which Dress Should You Choose

Selecting the wedding dress is one of the most exciting bridal shopping tasks. But certain things like the dress color can confuse you and make it overwhelming. White & ivory wedding dresses, being the popular topic of confusion. 

Most of the brides misinterpret these as the same. But these are not.  To make sure you don't end up picking the wrong gown for your big day, we have explained the difference between white vs. ivory wedding dresses below.

Difference Between White & Ivory Wedding Dress

White is a bright and pure hue with no added mixture of other colors when it comes to color. When put under the lighting, the color appears a little blue. At the same time, ivory is more of a warmer shade of white with soft yellow undertones.

In white, there are several variations like 'stark white' and 'natural white'. Stark white is the bright & electric white hue. Synthetic fibers are generally bleached to achieve this shade. And when we talk about natural or diamond white, it is not very bright. It falls between stark and ivory shades of white. 

Which Wedding Dress Color Should You Choose?

Be it white or ivory wedding dress, both are flattering shades and add a level of luxury to your wedding ensemble. But you need to consider a few things while choosing your wedding dress color.  

Skin tone

Generally, white tends to complement the dark & yellow skin tones. On the other hand, ivory looks absolutely fabulous on pink or lighter skin tones. 


Not every material is suitable for these colors. If you are going for white, choose the matte fabrics as these tend to look the best in this bright hue. While ivory pops up on the silkier fabrics. 

Wedding Theme 

While you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on you. Imagine how an ivory wedding dress would look with the white wedding theme? Not happening, right? So, make sure the color you choose is the same as the wedding theme.

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