Dos and Don’ts of Styling A Bridal Tiara

Bridal TiaraA tiara has become the go-to statement of every bride because of its timeless elegance. Are you considering it too for your big day? But, remember, styling a tiara is not as easy as wearing a dress. Unknowingly, you could invite many troubles when wearing it. 

Don't worry. We will not let that happen!

Here are some dos and don'ts for you to keep in mind while styling a bridal tiara.


1. Use Elastic Thread To Secure Your Tiara

The moment you move, a tiara could fall off and mess up your wedding hairstyle. To avoid such mess and ensure the tiara stays in place, secure it using an elastic thread.

Sew the thread throughout the tiara and tie the ends together to the back of your chignon or underneath the locks if you wear your hair down.

2. Choose A Tiara Opposite To Your Face Shape

Styling a pointed tiara with a long face shape makes it look even longer. Similarly, a circular tiara makes a round face shape look wider.

Always choose a tiara opposite to your face shape to get a perfect bridal look. If you have a round face shape, you can choose a tiara that gets narrow from the sides. 

3. Wear Your Tiara With Centre-parted Hair

For a unique wedding look, more like a bohemian, style your tiara with a middle parting. If styled with all hair down, complete your look by pulling the front strands of hair back over the tiara ends on both sides.


1. Wash Your Hair or Use Hairspray

Do not wash your hair on your wedding day. It may sound weird, but there is a fairly logical reason behind it.

Hair accessories lose their grip on smooth hair and tend to slip off. Always wash your hair a day before to make sure the tiara stays in place.

Also, if you want the gems of the tiara to shine brightly from afar, do not use hairspray after you have styled. The hairspray consists of chemicals that dull the shine of crystals and make the tiara sticky.

2. Bend Your Tiara Frame

If it gets difficult to fit your tiara around your hair-do, leave it. Adjusting your tiara frame according to your hairstyle could break it, kink it in the middle or lose the crystals.

3. Attach A Veil To The Tiara

Will you wear a veil on your wedding day? If yes, then do not attach it to your headpiece.

A tiara is a delicate hair accessory that cannot hold much weight. The weight of the veil might drag the tiara back from its position, which would ultimately ruin the look.

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