Jewelry Sets


      A wedding is an exceptional occasion in a bride’s life. With Ellee Couture Boutique, coordinate your bridal jewelry set perfectly with your wedding theme and wedding outfit. Ellee Bride takes pride in our luxurious and gorgeous jewelry sets consisting of luxurious bridal necklace set, complimented with bridal bracelet, bridal earrings and ring.  Made with finest material of Swarovski Crystals and Cubic Zirconia.

      Majestic BRIDAL Jewelry Sets for The Perfect Wedding Look

      Ellee Brides love the gracefully opulent bridal jewelry sets that are lookalikes of sets worn by some fashionable figures. Every traditional wedding jewelry set radiates the romanticism of a fairytale and makes you feel princess-esque. A myriad of designs to choose from the earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, crowns, and hairpieces, lets you add finer details and magnetism to your final bridal touch.

      Captivatingly Fine Matching Jewelry Sets

      Weddings have several rituals and customs, and Ellee Brides look ornate in soft and delicate modern bridal jewelry sets. Carrying the red-carpet glamor to your aisle can be alluring and emulating with some of these bridal jewelry sets:

    • Meghan Markle’s teardrop exquisite wedding jewelry set
    • Princess Eugene’s bewitching pearl bridal jewelry set
    • Kate Middleton’s trilogy bridal jewelry set
    • Ornated Modern Bridal Jewelry Sets for Her

      Think of any design from a popular figure’s wedding or a famous TV show, or a renowned occasion, and Ellee Couture Boutique has a great selection to choose from that matches what you are looking for. Looking glamorous as a celebrity with some carefully set Swarovski crystals and rhodium plated jewelry for long lasting shine and sparkle is easier for an Ellee Bride.

      Finesse Laser Cut Bridal Jewelry Sets for Her

      Royal, regal, noble, exquisite, classic, grandeur, or understated, our charismatic traditional bridal jewelry sets have distinctive extravagance for every traditional wedding theme. We take pride in our enchanted craftsmanship that brings delight and elegance to every wedding jewelry set.