How To Choose A Bridal Jewelry Set For The Wedding

How is your bridal shopping going? Have you said 'yes' to your wedding dress? If yes, then bridal jewelry must be next on your checklist? 

Every bride wants to shine bright on her big day. Add a sparkling touch to your bridal ensemble with accentuating wedding jewelry. But, choosing the perfect wedding jewelry set is quite tricky. 

Don't stress. We can make it easy for you. Follow our tips & trust your choice, and you will have the best wedding jewelry set for your big day. 

Tips For Choosing Bridal Jewelry Set 

Match the Necklace with Your Neckline

A necklace is not meant to sit on the fabric. So, make sure to consider the neckline of your wedding dress while choosing the jewelry set. 

V-neck goes best with the pendant necklace paired with stud earrings, sweetheart & strapless neckline with chokers, and short statement necklaces. If the dress has a high neckline, skip the necklace and wear earrings along with a bracelet. 

Decide Your Hairstyle in Advance

Knowing your hairstyle in advance is a must, especially for earrings. Every bride wants the earrings to sparkle through her hair. Don't you? 

If wearing an up-do, pick bold studs or drop earrings. With low chignon, consider pairing delicate stud earrings, and if wearing all your hair down, don't look anything other than the large bold earrings. 

Choose Evergreen Jewelry Design  

Of course, you would not want the jewelry set to sit in your wardrobe after your wedding. So, choose a classic yet evergreen jewelry set design that you will wear again on other occasions. 

Pair Your Jewelry Set with Your Wedding Dress

Your bridal jewelry neither should overpower your wedding dress nor make it look any less. But, it should beautifully complement it. 

So, choose your wedding jewelry set carefully. If the wedding dress is simple, a bejeweled necklace with a ring and pair of earrings will fit perfectly.

Do not ignore your wedding dress color and design while choosing the jewelry. The white wedding dress looks the best with platinum and silver jewelry pieces. Go for gold wedding jewelry if the dress falls into the ivory tone. 

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