7 Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hair Accessories

You would want to gracefully walk down the aisle and embrace it with the magic of glamour on your “the day.” And suppose you have already found the perfect wedding gown for your special day. In that case, it is important to add a style statement with radiating bridal hair accessories to make your bridal look complete and, beautiful.

Bridal Hair Accessories not only adorn your hairstyle but change the whole bridal look. Want to know the tips for choosing the best bridal hair accessories for your wedding day?  

1. Your Style Matters! 

What matters the most while choosing your wedding hair accessories is your personal and wedding style. You should not venture far from your style. If your style is romantic, a hair vine will accent it beautifully, more of a trendsetter, go for some statement pieces and if having a beach or destination wedding, a simple and elegant flower accessory will look the best. You need to stay true to your style and look for pieces that speak to you!

2. Decide your Hairstyle in Advance!

You should hold off on purchasing a headpiece until you know what type of hairstyle you will want to wear. Will you be wearing a bridal updo? All down hairstyle or something else? Will you be wearing the accessory in the front, back, or side of your head? Take your hair type into consideration as well for choosing the bridal accessory. If you have long, thick hair, your hairstylist can work wonders in massive styling headpieces for wedding, but for thin hair, you should give more preference to some delicate hair accessories

3. Your Wedding Dress!

Undoubtedly your hair accessories must compliment your wedding dress. If your dress is minimalist and features no embellishments, you can enhance it by choosing accessories of different materials and types. However, if your dress is embellished and has intricate details, you need to choose accessories carefully. 

If your bridal dress is embellished with crystals, a Swarovski crystal vine will look organic, while floral accessories may go well with floral patterned laces. Moreover, pay attention to the dress colour, as everything should look harmonious. 

4. Take the Color into consideration!

Almost all the bridal hair accessories are made in either gold, silver or rose gold except flowers. And silver has been the most go-to Color in hair accessories for weddings as it is more neutral and subtle. However, gold, rose gold, and opal colored accessories are in the trend right now. 

Gold color flows best with soft pale ivory, off-white, or champagne dress and if you are wearing gold hair accessories, make sure you select gold bridal jewelry. We think both silver and gold are universal colours and suit dresses of any hue. 

5. Types of Accessories

Now, we come down to the heart of the blog! Among so many options, how will you know exactly what type of accessories to choose from? Let us run down to the basic wedding hair accessories:

Headband or Tiara

A wedding headband or bridal tiara is best for creating a dramatic statement and beautiful opulent look. These are the most luxurious types of bridal hair pieces

Choose a dainty look for a more traditional style or blinged-out glamorous look. You can wear a tiara both alone and with a veil. And for the hairstyle, both can work with all down bridal hair or half up half down look. 

Hair Flowers

You can add some romantic charm to your wedding look with gorgeous bridal hair flower accessories. They can be well combined with different styled wedding gowns. If you want a casual romantic look, you may adorn your hair with one big flower or a beautiful embellished flower with Swarovski crystals for a more elegant soft look. However, more complicated flower compositions for a more festive and exciting look.  

Hair Vines

Hair vines are the newest trend in bridal hair accessories. It is perfect for a bride who is looking for a magnificent, romantic, or boho-chic look. Hair Vines are pretty universal and can be manipulated into different shapes to accent any type of hairstyle. 

Style a hair vine in the back of a braided updo, around a bridal bun, like a headband on top of the head, or can be worn across the forehead for a more dramatic look. Moreover, hair vines add a finishing touch to your wedding dress, from a luxurious ball gown to a minimal sheath dress. 

Hair Pins

A bride who is  looking for a minimal, elegant & understated look, hairpins is what you need. Sprinkle hairpins across your style for a variety of looks like an updo or half up half down hairstyle. Pins embellished with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals add a chic look and compliment your wedding attire. 

6. View your wedding hair accessories from all angles!

While shopping for your wedding gown, you checked out all the potential dresses from the front, back, side, and up-close. The same applies to accessories; get a 360-degree view of every headpiece you try as it looks different depending on your vantage point. The shape of your every accessory will influence how it looks from a distance, and we are sure you want to dazzle out in style from afar. 

7. Bridal Hair Accessories must compliment Bridal Jewelry!

You have found the ideal dress, a glamorous hairstyle, and perfect wedding hair accessories...now you need to pull it together in bridal jewelry. It is advised to stay with the same metal color in accessories and jewelry. Jewelry should combine the same elements as your accessories, whether it is rhinestones, pearls, or crystals. 

If you are wearing a front show hair accessory like a headband or vine you must go for a beautiful and minimal pair of earrings or even a bracelet. If your wedding hair accessories are styled in the back of your hair then a beautiful necklace and earrings may be the perfect accent. 

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