9 Military Wedding Traditions Which Makes The Wedding Different

Military Wedding Traditions

A military wedding is a special honor for those serving or who have served in the military. It is a whole different kind of wedding experience. There are various military wedding traditions and ensemble elements that make a military wedding extra special.

While the men take pride in wearing their uniform, a wedding crown is the right ensemble element for you as a bride. A military man shines in his uniform all the time during his wedding, and your wedding crown will shine elegance and match the pride he has.

Military Wedding Traditions

Seating at the Military Wedding is Based on Status and Rank

The seating arrangement at a military wedding is carefully planned. The high-ranking military personnel is given seats of highest honor in the wedding. They are also seated at the table of honor near the head table.

 A Flag on Display

As a sign of respect, the American flag is displayed to the left of the officiant at the ceremony. You can even incorporate other patriotic decorations into your military wedding if you wish to.

 The attire of Bride and Groom 

The main charm of the military wedding is the attire of the couple. The groom wears his military uniform at the wedding. He wears a white uniform in the summer and a blue uniform in the winter. At the same time, the bride has the option to wear a traditional white wedding dress even if she belongs to the military.

 The most beautiful bridal accessory for a military wedding is the wedding crown for the bride. A military bride can accentuate her entire wedding look with a wedding crown. The crown would uplift the wedding gown in a blink and add a formal touch to the bridal ensemble.

 Grooming Rules for a Military Wedding

The groom must adhere to the regulatory rules that his branch holds if he chooses to wed in a full-fledged military uniform. The rules include grooming standards such as shaving. All the men in the military uniform at the wedding must be clean shaved.

 Groomsmen in White Gloves

Whether a commissioned officer or enlisted personnel, every member in the military uniform carrying the saber or cutlass in the military wedding is supposed to wear white gloves, however, the groom and the best man are exempted from wearing the gloves as they would be carrying the wedding rings.

 No Boutonnieres 

No flowers, even in the form of boutonnieres, are allowed in the military wedding requirements. Both groom and groomsmen are not allowed to pin the boutonnieres in the military wedding out of respect. Their military decorations are the boutonnieres in the wedding. However, the bride can carry a bouquet even if wearing the military uniform. 

 The Military Recessional Music

The military officer plays their respective service branch's song as the wedding recessional. Couples can play some other military song or any patriotic tune if they both serve in different military branches.

 Sword Cake Cutting

Cutting the wedding cake with a saber or sword is one of the most recognized military wedding traditions. The couple cut the cake together with the groom’s hands over the bride’s on the sword.

 Exit through the Arch of Sabers

The newlyweds' exit from the ceremony is quite a fascinating military wedding tradition. The military members form an Archway of sabers beneath which the couple walks. But if the partners are noncommissioned officers, the arch of sabers is replaced by an arch of rifles.

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