Why Queen Victoria was considered the Biggest Jewelry Influencer

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Queen Victoria was the ultimate monarch of fashionable jewelry. The immense love for art and jewelry of the young Queen took hold in the 1840s. The jewelry designs were extremely influenced by the historical, cultural events, and technological innovations from the industrial revolutions. With a brimming sense of style & passion, she ushered an era of Victorian elegance in the form of jewelry.

The styles were no exception. It was modified majorly according to her taste and situation at the moment. Some reflected romance, while others were designed to represent tears.

The Jewelry Trends during the Victorian Era 

There is nothing that could be compared to the design of the jewelry. It's Queen Victoria’s bespoke fashion sense that made the era quite impactful in terms of it. The jewelry is divided into three periods known as:

The Romantic Period

The romantic period was full of magical motifs and traditions—the jewelry depicted Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s love for each other. The period consists of jewelry designs imbued with emotions and meanings. Jewelry was embellished with colored gemstones, pearls, diamonds, and glistening gold. 

When the two got engaged, Prince Albert gave the Queen a snake-shaped engagement ring, symbolizing eternal love & wisdom. The ring was encrusted with emeralds, rubies, and the birthstone of the Queen. This beautiful gesture and the designs ornated with bows, flowers, and birds became popular and set the tone for engagement rings for the whole nation, which you might even see today! 

The Grand Period

The period coincides with the death of Prince Albert, which marked the mourning period. The Queen was shrouded with black dresses and jewels as she was in intense pain when she lost her husband. 

Up until the Victorian period, the jewelry for the deceased was extremely macabre, including the symbols of skulls, crossbones, and reapers. With the death of the prince, the scenario was completely changed to dramatic.

The designs were used as a sentiment 

for feeling close to their loved ones. The jewelry made with darker materials became popular like black jets, onyx, amethyst, red garnets with a lock of hair, cameos, silhouettes, brooches, bracelets carved with the initials and date of death for remembrance.

The Aesthetic Period

With time, the Queen and her constituents changed the jewelry fashion upside down. Gone were the days of mourning jewelry, heavy necklaces, and large brooches. During this period, people sensed the return of some romanticism. Small, whimsical, delicate, light-weighted, and dainty jewelry pieces became more preferred. 

As it was then more about handcrafted jewelry, it included natural, floral, celestial designs with diamonds, gemstones, decadent stones such as amethyst with seed pearls, turquoise, coral, and tortoiseshell. Simple designs made layering with multiple pieces for the women easier. The period was more focused on natural beauty than material worth. 

Everlasting Victorian Jewelry! 

Her love for jewelry lasted her whole reign, and the jewelry is coveted till now! Every jewelry piece spells out secret meanings and feminine motifs which reached the masses like no other. Jewelry consisted of a diverse variety of styles and fashion. For adding royalty to your wardrobe and fashion sense, Victorian jewelry is perfect.

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