10 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Wedding Jewelry

Apart from your wedding dress, jewelry is something that adorns and completes your entire bridal look. But in the rush of the wedding day preparations, your ensemble essentials are often overlooked, and the jewelry selection might go wrong.

Maybe that necklace looks ravishing, the colorful baubles and bling are tempting, but they might not look beautiful on you as you imagined it. Irrespective of the style or color, there are certain things to keep in mind while choosing the one that bridal hair accessories. The power of jewelry and the dangers of getting it all wrong cannot be underestimated.

When it comes to purchasing yours, don’t worry! We at Ellee Couture Boutique have you covered. We are aware of the several slip-ups that a bride makes in the pressure of looking her best on the wedding day and even listed them for you below.

1. Keeping it for the Last Moment 

At times, the jewelry selection is kept for the last minute. But this should not be the case, last moment selection will end you up in big trouble, or you might even forget doing it, even bigger risk. Make sure to select the jewelry for your attire on priority to avoid the wrong or no jewelry chaos on your wedding day.

2. Choosing it Beforehand 

Once you decide on the wedding dress, the wedding jewelry, veil, other accessories could be sorted easily and ideally. You are highly mistaken if you think that jewels must be selected first, it will make the quest for the perfect dress even harder and limit the outfit options.

3. Skipping out the rule of ‘Less is More’

Often a bride goes overboard when choosing the wedding jewelry as she wishes to include every jewelry piece to her wedding ensemble. Do you also wish? Please don’t. The wedding jewelry should be kept simple, balanced and elegant, not blingy and jammed up.

Let’s consider for a moment you want to style that large signature necklace - instead of going for large earrings, pair it with small dainty stud earrings for accentuating the whole look.

4. Ignoring the power of Contrasts

Wedding jewelry, in contrast to the dress, attracts more attention than the same hue jewelry. A bride does not consider going for contrasting jewelry and chooses similar jewelry for a more subtle look. But when you combine jewelry in a darker or unusual hue, like a light pink gown with a necklace studded with red rubies would make it unique and shine right from afar!

5. Jewelry Upstages the Wedding Dress

In the end, it is your wedding dress that must steal the show. You should go for the wedding jewelry that complements and beautifies the outfit, not with the one that takes center stage, making your dress completely forgettable on the wedding day.

6. Neglecting Colourful Jewelry 

Almost every bride sticks to the monotonous, all-white vibe on her wedding day and fears styling something different. But as a bride, try enhancing your look with a subtle hint of color like colored jewels or stones to your wedding jewelry, plus it would be a great element to your wedding ensemble. 

7. Desire to Match Everything

Do not run after matching everything with your wedding dress. There should be a subtle touch of contrast. Instead of matching jewelry colors, match the metal colors or mix and match the antique and modern jewelry pieces for a striking bridal ensemble. 

There is a range of metal colors that work well with different outfit colors; gold metal accessories complement the ivory hue, whereas silver metal jewelry enhances the look of an all-white outfit. If your outfit consists of some details, choose the accessories that match the beadings’ metal base, as rose gold jewelry would accentuate with the blush pink colored dress. 

8. Not Being Yourself 

When it comes to a wedding day, a bride chooses the jewelry pieces in the pressure of matching them with the outfit. But it is suggested to pick the one you like. If you do not like a big, bold necklace, go for a small, eccentric lariat necklace. Choose something that reflects you, something that is comfortable and makes you feel confident while walking down the aisle on your big day.

9. Setting aside the Skin Tone

Ultimately, the jewelry sits on your skin. But does it enhance your complexion? No matter the style, color of jewelry, it all boils down to your skin tone. Select the jewelry not based on the type you love, but select according to the color that matches and, when styled, compliments your skin tone. 

10. Follow the Bridal Jewelry Trends 

Some things look pretty and fancy at first, but it is not sure you would like them after some time. Every bride has her heart set on the pieces according to the current trends. Instead, go for timeless, classic pieces that remain everlasting and complement your outfit rather than going for pieces that go out of style in the blink of an eye. 

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