MAEVE Swarovski Bridal Hair Wing Headpiece, Wedding Headpiece

$170.30 USD $262.00 USD

Silver Tone
Gold Tone


Maeve is a Gorgeous and Brilliant Swarovski Side Piece. This Luxurious and Elegant Wedding Headpiece can be Styled on the Side or Back of the Hair Design. It is an elegant delicate design so it can be styled seamlessly to any hairstyle. The best way for it to stand out flawlessly is to pin it down with small bobby pins to secure it. This headpiece comes with no attached comb. It's a beautiful hairclip.

The best way to secure it: it already comes with an attached comb to the headpiece and for extra security bobby pins can be used on any part of the headpiece including the loops on both ends.

  • Handcrafted
  • Unique Design
  • Highest Quality & Finest Materials
  • Brilliant SWAROVSKI Crystals
  • Cubic Zirconia 
  • Rhodium / Platinum plated gives a luxurious shine and luster. It has a brilliant silver tone and guards against scratches and tarnish.
  • Overall size is approx. 5.75 in (14.61 cm) x 3.0 in (7.62 cm)
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